Powys Mental Health Team

As part of the 1989 All Wales Mental Illness Strategy, 10 Mental Health Development Officer posts (‘County Development Workers’) were established with central funding.  From this has grown the Powys Mental Health Team (also known as Powys Agency for Mental Health) that forms part of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations. 

Our main activities are running the Mental Health Information Service and developing participation standards and opportunities through the  Powys Stronger in Partnership Network.

We are funded by Powys teaching Health Board and Powys County Council. 

Jane Cooke is the current interim manager of this team.

Can we help you find what you are looking for?  You can contact the Powys Mental Health Information Service on 01686 628 300 or 01597 822 191 or email us mentalhealth(at)pavo.org.uk.

You can provide feedback in our confidential survey here or you can contact us directly with your feedback on 01686 628 300 or 01597 822 191, or email mentalhealth(at)pavo.org.uk.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our main aim is to improve and promote the services and opportunities that are available to people in Powys who have experience of mental distress and to those close to them.  We want to make sure that Powys is a place that can offer people the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives by striving to ensure that:

  • People who experience mental distress and those around them expect recovery.
  • We  manage and deliver the services in Powys based on the principles of recovery and person-centred practice.
  • There is a raised awareness of recovery across Powys.
  • There are new opportunities for professionals and people with lived experience to work together to improve the services and opportunities available to people experiencing mental distress.
  • More power and responsibility is in the hands of individuals.
  • The values of the lived experience of recovery and thriving are respected, valued and belong to the individual.
  • People with experience of mental distress are able to benefit from greater opportunities to do things to help themselves and others locally.
  • We all continue to learn together by sharing and debating our ideas, our own experiences, what we believe to be good practice (new and old) and our own journeys.

  • People living and working in Powys know where to find the information  they need.

Examples of our work...

DIY Futures – Manage Project and Staff.  We worked with partners to bring together a successful partnership bid (£750,000 National Lottery) to run a 4-year powys-wide project that offers one-to-one support. In 2010, the development service secured a further £19,000 towards evaluating the project.  The Development Service manages the project on behalf of the partners. 

Powys Stronger in Partnership – Develop, support and chair.  Powys Stronger in Partnership Network has developed out of a commitment to delivering the Welsh Assembly Government's requirement that people who have used mental health services and their carers have the opportunity to be genuinely and constructively involved in the design, planning, delivery and evaluation of mental health services.  The network meets every month. 

Powys Mental Health Information Service - we provide the mental health information service for Powys that includes the maintenance and development of this website, monthly ebulletins, information enquiry line, mental health blog.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Mapping project. The aim of this project is to identify and analyse the support and opportunities provided by third sector organisations (mental health and non mental health) for people in Powys experiencing mental distress. 

Powys Mental Health Alliance – Development.  We worked closely with Powys Mental Health Alliance supporting their development.

Powys Advocacy Network – Develop, support and chair.  This network has been developed in Powys for organisations whose primary purpose is the delivery of advocacy services or who provide a range of services that includes an advocacy service.  


We also attend a number of groups …

  • Gwent and South Powys Mental Health and Learning Disability Partnership Board
  • Mental Health Action Wales
  • Powys Mental Health Officers Group
  • Mental Health Planning and Delivery Group (Partnership)
  • Powys Confidence and Equality Group
  • Powys Consultation and Engagment Officers Network





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