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Powys Mental Health Team

The All Wales Mental Illness Strategy (1989) facilitated the employment of 10 Mental Health Development Officer posts across the country. Over the years this function has developed in Powys into the PAVO Mental Health Team that forms part of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations and is currently funded by Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council.

We have two main areas of work:

  1. Running the Mental Health Information Service.

  2. Developing participation standards and opportunities working with Individual Representatives who sit on regional and national partnership boards, alongside professionals who are involved in the delivery of mental health services.

We recently merged with the PAVO Health & Care team to form the PAVO Health & Wellbeing team and work very closely with our new colleagues.

You can contact the Powys Mental Health Information Service on 01686 628300 or 01597 822191 and email us mentalhealth(at)pavo.org.uk.

You can provide feedback in our confidential survey here.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our main aim is to improve and promote the services and opportunities that are available to people in Powys who have experience of mental distress and to those close to them. We want to make sure that Powys is a place that can offer people the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives by striving to ensure that:

  • We manage and deliver the services in Powys based on the principles of recovery and person-centred practice.

  • There are new opportunities for professionals, and people with lived experience, to work together to improve the services and opportunities available to people experiencing mental distress.

  • More power and responsibility is in the hands of individuals.

  • The values of the lived experience of recovery and thriving are respected, valued and belong to the individual.

  • People with experience of mental distress are able to benefit from greater opportunities to do things to help themselves and others locally.

  • We all continue to learn together by sharing and debating our ideas, our own experiences, what we believe to be good practice (new and old) and our own journeys.

  • People living and working in Powys know where to find the information they need.

What we do

You can find out more about the specific areas of our work on individual webpages on this site:

Powys Mental Health Information Service 

Participation support & activities

Powys Patients’ Council


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