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Tanysgrifiwch i'n rhestr bostio

* cyfeiriad e-bost gofynnol

Coronavirus briefing from mental health charity Hafal

The mental health charity Hafal has published an online briefing about "protecting people with a serious mental illness".

"Across the country patients and families are telling us that their (mental health) services are being reduced at an alarming rate. Our rolling national survey which commenced a few days ago confirms this:

  • 74% of respondents said their mental health been negatively affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak
  • 65% had not been able to access support from their GP in the last two weeks
  • 47% had not been told what is happening with services in their area."

You can read more here.

Hafal is holding the Welsh Government to account. Hafal’s Chair Mair Elliott wrote to the Minister for Health & Sociala Services, Vaughan Gething, with the charity's concerns earlier this month. You can read her letter here, and the Minister's response here.



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