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Blue light services in Powys come together to focus on dementia

All the Emergency Services based in Wales have come together to form a group to deliver better services for people living with dementia, their carers and families.

Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Welsh Ambulance Services and Mountain Rescue are working together to improve the experience for people living with dementia who may need to use emergency services. Emergency service staff and volunteers are often on the frontline when it comes to helping people living with dementia. The Emergency services in Wales want to make sure that everyone in their service, who comes into contact with people affected by dementia, has the training and understanding to support them as fully as possible.

Alison Johnstone, Chair of the Blue Light Dementia Group from the Welsh Ambulance Services said: “We know that any emergency situation is stressful and this is especially true for people living with dementia. Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge facing our society, we want to come together as a group to support the communities that we live and work in to become more dementia friendly.”

The group comes together as part of wider work in the UK for the emergency services to step up support people living with dementia. It also shares best practice and learning from other partners.

Sue Phelps, Country Director of Alzheimer’s Society Cymru said:

“We’re delighted that the Blue Light Emergency services in Wales are uniting to improve their services for people with dementia.

“There are 45,000 people living with dementia in Wales and the emergency services play a vital 

role in their safety and wellbeing. It’s crucial that their support needs are fully understood and met.

“Becoming a dementia-friendly organisation doesn't always mean a big investment. Often it is just about organisations assessing the way they deliver services and changing the way they respond.”


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