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New Mums Matter course from Ystradgynlais Mind

The Perinatal Service at Ystradgynlais Mind offers support in South Powys. The mental health charity supports women aged 18 and upwards who are experiencing low to moderate mental health challenges during the perinatal period – that is during pregnancy and up to two years after birth.

Becoming pregnant or being a new mum is a life changing experience for all women. Pregnancy and motherhood is often imagined to be a time of great joy, happiness and excitement. However the reality for many mums can be far from this - with women not only coping with huge physical changes but also changes in their emotions, relationships, sleep, routine and other areas of their lives.

For many women being pregnant or a new mum can be a difficult, exhausting, frightening and stressful experience. Many women also struggle with loneliness especially those without the support of friends and family.

Mums Matter is an eight week course starting on 3 December 2019 that supports pregnant women and new mums to stay emotionally healthy on their motherhood journey. This service may especially benefit you if you:

  • Feel lonely or isolated
  • Have lack of support/close family and friends
  • Are a single parent
  • Are a young mum
  • Have experienced anxiety or depression in the past
  • Have low self-esteem/confidence/mood
  • Have worrying thoughts

To find out more and book a place on the course contact Ystradgynlais Mind by emailing counselling(at)minditv.org.uk or call/texting 07946 664 227. 


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