Shared Power is the means by which services that are delivered in Powys are co-produced, planned and delivered with the involvement of the people who use those services. In Powys this could be using something as simple as a survey, right up to including service user and carer representatives as equal members on the partnership boards responsible for major strategic decisions regarding the services.

Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO) has designed and delivered training to all people involved in this process, from the individuals to the professionals to make sure that co-production is as effective as possible. This is usually in the form of in-person or online training. PAVO also produced a short training animation, funded by the Area Planning Board (Substance Misuse Planning group) and using input from the APB reps which you can view below.

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A short animation for health and wellbeing organisations who want to work with service user and carer representatives to co-produce services effectively, removing barriers to engagement. Produced by Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations ( PAVO) and funded by Powys Area Planning Board.  

Shared Power additional materials

A booklet has been produced to accompany this film – this can be downloaded here. 

Shared Power Additional Materials Final v1