There are also further networks in Powys, which might be able to assist.

PAVO Networks

Other networks form part of the PAVO offering, aimed at voluntary sector and community groups, as well as children and families.

PAVO Children & Families Network

This network connects third sector organisations with each other, makes links with strategic planning and processes of Children & Young People’s Partnership. It publishes regular updates about activities, events and issues related to children, young people and families across Powys.

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PAVO Health and Wellbeing Network

This network provides a means for voluntary sector organisations and community groups to be better informed and play a more active role in the decision-making processes around Health and Social Care in Powys. It publishes regular health and social care updates about activities, events and issues across Powys.

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Powys Advocacy Network (PAN)

Powys Advocacy Network was launched with the aim of promoting closer collaboration across organisations whose primary purpose is the delivery of an advocacy service or who provide a range of services including advocacy.  Network members provide information, advice and updates on what is happening in Advocacy across Powys, across all ages.

Tel: 01597 822191

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Powys Agri Wellbeing Support

Information and support for the farming community in Powys is provided by a number of organisations. The Powys Agri Wellbeing Support Network provides regularly updated Information sheets with contact details.

Tel: 01597 822191

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PAVO Training

Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations also provides training – you can find further information on the PAVO website.