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Tackling stigma – Beyond medical

Here we delve deeper into unpacking what are the core topics around mental health and wellbeing, as well as capturing and providing useful insights from others – who have used mental health services or care for someone who has, as well as people who work or volunteer in this field.

Beyond medical

Find alternatives to the medical approach to improving mental health and wellbeing; so the question is not “what’s wrong with you?” it’s “what’s happened to you?”.


Tackling stigma

Find resources, support, tips and conversations around removing the mental health stigma helping everyone to have a healthier attitude to mental health.


Five ways to wellbeing

Doing these five simple activities every day at home or in the workplace can lead to improved mental health and are known to promote people’s wellbeing.


Cognitive behavioural therapy

Open up through CBT and talk about the range of mental health responses that people experience throughout their lives and discover ways to help others understand.


Lived experiences

You can use your direct, first-hand mental health experiences to help shape, plan and deliver a mental health service that puts people first.



Mental health recovery takes different forms and occurs at different speeds. Explore a range of recovery options from learning or sharing to finding support.