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The Liverpool view: rumination, replies & remedies

"People are often blamed for how they think. The insulting label of 'personality disorder', for example, manages both to label people as "ill"and simultaneously blame them for their ways of thinking."

Professor Peter Kinderman, Director of the University of Liverpool's Institute of Psychology, Health & Society, writes about what we can do to help ourselves lead happier, healthier lives. More here.

Interview with Psychologist Lucy Johnstone

Part of The Future of Mental Health Interview Series on the Psychology Today website. Lucy talks about the possibility of "non-diagnosis" and psychological formulation. More here.

Other interviews in The Future of Mental Health Interview Series are available here.

From mental illness to a social model of madness and distress

A report considering the stigmatizing and unhelpful approach of the medical model which dominates professional and public thinking. With contributions from mental health service users/survivors. Supported by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the NSUN network for mental health and Shaping our Lives - an independent national user controlled organisation, think tank and network. More here.

Psychiatry: the perils of Psychiatric Diagnosis....

Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Peter A. Levine PhD

Critical Perspectives on the Biomedical Model of Mental Distress: Causes or contributory factors


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