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Recovery - what does it mean?

"Recovery is about living well."

"A journey of personal growth and transformation."

"People with psychiatric diagnosis get well and stay well."

"Hope, control, opportunities."

Recovery means different things to different people. Many of us have our own definition of recovery. Tell us yours so that we can share them on this page. Click here to tell us - what does recovery mean to you?


18 May 2012 - "Finding fulfilment while staying well".

25 Jan 2014 - "To me, recovery means to master one's own mind and have self control - to treat oneself and others with respect and to be free of self-doubt and derogatory self-judgement."

Where can I find out more information about recovery?

Talk to others, especially peers who are on similar paths. We can all share our experiences and be creative together in finding personal wellness.

On the internet ...

Powys DIY Futures is a project that is founded on the principles of recovery and a person centred approach.

You can download a presentation about recovery prepared by the DIY Futures team here.

Read about the Grand Opening of the Wellness & Recovery Learning Centre at Bronllys Hospital in Powys here.

There is some information about recovery on the Powys County Council website here.

Here are some examples of other websites where you can explore and learn more about recovery, however if you would like some help finding out more please contact our information service:

Inter Voice is working across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices. If you hear voices, know someone who does or want to find out more about this experience then this site is for you.

Reports and Articles

Can mental health services as we know them really support Recovery?

In this piece, Dr Rachel Perkins OBE asks some challenging questions about the extent to which our current service system is truly fit for purpose when it comes to taking a recovery approach. She goes on to suggest there are strong vested interests in maintaining the status quo but argues that change is necessary to achieve a recovery vision. Rachel writes from the perspective of someone with considerable experience in planning, delivering and being in receipt of mental health services.

Read the article here.

Recovery: a carer’s perspective.

Recovery: a carer's perspective. This Centre for Mental Health briefing paper examines what recovery means for the families and friends of people with mental health conditions. More here


Also if you are a reader there are many books and articles about recovery. Here are some examples but again if you would like some help finding out more please contact our information service.

Recovery in Mental Health: Reshaping Scientific and Clinical Responsibilities by Michaela Amering, Margit Schmolke. Free online.

PCCS Books - Publisher of counselling and psychotherapy books and journals

If you have suggestions about other sources of information about recovery that you think we should share, get in touch with jackie.newey(at)pavo.org.uk or call 01686 628 300.

Developing Recovery Colleges

You can find out more information here.

Peers as Partners: How England's Recovery Learning Colleges Are Changing the Culture. More here.


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