Powys Mental Health Planning and Development Partnership

The Powys Mental Health Planning and Development Partnership aims to work together to provide high quality, integrated care services to make a positive difference to the lives of people who need them. The partnership is made up of organisations and individual representatives of people using services and those close to them. The group promotes mental and emotional health and wellbeing for all.

The partnership in Powys has developed and is implementing:

You can access the Terms of Reference for the group here. This is currently being updated to take into account what the membership now needs to be to be able to effectively deliver on new priority areas highlighted in the delivery plan.

To find out about how we recruited citizens with experience of Powys Mental Health Services on to the board see here. To read the role of individuals on the partnership click here.

Powys strategic reports and information

You can link to the strategic reports and information relevant to Powys and Mental Health here.

Monthly updates

Read and download the latest Powys Mental Health Planning & Development Partnership update:

December 2020

September 2020

June 2020

Meeting minutes

You can download and read the meeting minutes here:

December 2019

December 2018


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