Aug 2, 2021

Together they will deliver a new Money Guiders’ Wales network which will bring together Money Guiders from all across Wales to learn and share best practice, connect communities of practitioners and celebrate the valuable work that Money Guiders deliver.

Money Guiders are individuals who provide money guidance via an impartial service which will help service users to identify their options and narrow down their choices but will not tell the service users what to do; the decision is theirs. However, providers of guidance are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information they provide but not for any decision made based on it.

The network is a growing community of Money Guiders across the country that is free to join. It’s underpinned by a mission to create as many engaging opportunities as possible for as many practitioners as possible – so they can talk to each other, learn together, share their experiences, and record what happens as a result.

As part of the network, Money Guiders will have access to free resources, events and learning opportunities based around your needs. This is also your ideal space to try out new ideas.

Free features of the network include access to:

  • developmental events, activities and updates
  • regular meetings, peer mentoring groups, newsletter bulletins, shared learning, debates and discussion sessions with guaranteed learning outcomes
  • Money Guidance Competency Framework
  • core competencies for good, safe money guidance
  • Framework guidance, mapping and development tools
  • support to navigate the Framework, assess skills and identify training gaps
  • MaPs e-learning resources and a money guidance recognition award.

If you’re interested in joining the network, please click here, or more information, please contact Adrian Nicholas at