Aug 11, 2020

The NHS in England and Wales is considering using a ‘call before you walk’ approach to attending A&E over the winter to try and reduce pressures on A&E. This model has already been launched in some parts of Wales.

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What has been suggested is: a “triage point” such as NHS 111 should be available for patients needing urgent treatment and be able to book access to primary care, urgent treatment centres or same-day emergency “hot clinics” staffed by specialists.

Self Injury Support has been contacted by some people who attend A&E for self-harm treatment to say they have concerns about this approach and they would like to gather more views so that they can feed them back to policy makers in this area. They can talk to policy makers about how this will impact on people who need self-harm treatment and how to make sure they get the treatment they need.

All information will be used anonymised and your contact details will not be shared your with anyone.

Thank you so much for your time in letting Self Injury Support know your views.

If you would like emotional support around self harm please see the range of support we offer at Self injury Support: