Jun 22, 2020

This guide has been produced by the National Centre for Mental Health for anyone supporting people who have experienced traumatic events. It is designed to accompany training offered by the All Wales Traumatic Stress Quality Improvement Initiative.

Groups of people who are particularly likely to have experienced traumatic events include survivors of physical or sexual violence, refugees and asylum seekers, and other people seeking sanctuary such as trafficked women. This guide has been designed to help you feel more confident about helping people who have been affected by traumatic events. It is not designed as an alternative to professional support.

The guide starts with a brief summary of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and tips for working in a trauma-informed away. It has a section for each of the main problems that people affected by traumatic events may experience. You do not have to read each section in order – just use each one when you would like to help the person manage that particular problem. Finally, the guide has a toolkit, in the form of worksheets.

You can read and download the guide here.