Jul 18, 2022

The Together for Children and Young People (2) Programme was set up in 2015 to consider ways to reshape, remodel and refocus the emotional wellbeing and mental health services provided for children and young people in Wales.

In December 2019, the Minister for Health and Social Services agreed to extend the Programme until March 2022 with a focus on:

  • Early Help and Enhanced Support
  • Working with regional partnership boards (RPBs)
  • Neurodevelopmental services

The Programme ends on 31 March 2022 as planned, having achieved its remit of:

  • Co-producing the NYTH NEST Framework
  • Facilitating understanding and early implementation among RPBs
  • Co-developing the long term neurodevelopmental vision
  • Further supporting the implementation of neurodevelopmental national pathways and standards.

There is space, however, for some further legacy work within two work streams:

Neurodevelopmental services

To allow for consideration of the demand and capacity review in March 2022, with a view to developing future improvement and support in this area.

NYTH NEST Framework

Working with the Welsh Government appointed lead to continue to support the work of NYTH NEST Framework through the establishment of formal community of practice sessions.
With this in mind, the programme has been extended to focus solely on these areas from 1 April to 30 September 2022.
Key personnel within the team will remain in post to assist with this collaborative effort.

The legacy plan will be coproduced with our Parents and Carers Network and National Youth Stakeholder Group members.
We will also be working with our long standing key partners and with Welsh Government colleagues to establish the transition plans and identify the new lead contact points with a view to ensuring momentum will not be lost.


A multi-agency Programme Board, chaired by Carol Shillabeer (NHS Chief Executive with the all-Wales lead for Mental Health), will oversee the progress of the T4CYP (2) Programme.

More here – https://collaborative.nhs.wales/networks/wales-mental-health-network/together-for-children-and-young-people-2/