Mental Health Measure 2010 Welsh Government Review 2014 - 15

Together for Mental Health sets out the Welsh Government's ambitions for improving mental health and its vision for 21st century mental health services.

The Mental Health Measure 2010 is a unique piece of legislation which provides a legal framework for improving mental health services in Wales.

Section 48 of the Measure placed a duty on the Welsh Ministers to review the operation of the Measure within four years of commencement.

The 'Duty to Review' Report has now been published and is available here.

Post-legislative scrutiny of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010

The National Assembly for Wales's Health and Social Care Committee undertook post-legislative scrutiny in 2014 to assess the implementation and operation of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010, in particular by:

  • assessing the extent to which the stated objectives of the Measure are being achieved;
  • identifying whether there are any lessons which can be learned or good practice shared from the making and implementation of the Measure and the associated subordinate legislation and guidance;
  • assessing whether the Measure has represented, and will continue to represent, value for money.

The committee published its report in January 2015, containing 10 recommendations, which you can read here.

The Welsh Government responded to the report's recommendations in February 2015, and you can read the response here.

There was a Welsh Assembly debate on the recommendations on 4 March 2015. You can read the record of proceedings (start at 15.09) here.


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